A downloadable game for Windows

OddEven_free(freeware): Free version contains full puzzle generator (sandbox) with all settings except Campaign.

About the game

Odd||Even is a math-and-logic based, number placement puzzle similar to Sudoku + Kakuro .

OddEven-game features:

• powerful puzzle generator with natural interface

• sharp graphics

• feature rich mathematical-software

• full control given to players

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1/25/2016: v1.02: tutorial added along with some minor changes.

Install instructions

install: [VC_redist.x86] for 32bit system OR [VC_redist.x64] for 64bit system(included in redistributable folder in zip)

then run OddEven_free_version_1.02.exe


OddEven_free.zip 57 MB


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love it. is a german language pack possible? like to play it in classrooms :)

More campaign :)

More campaign :)


german language pack possible?

Yes, in future we may add language packs.